Mobile banking (Bank by mobile and GSM)

In emerging countries, the economic model of traditional banks does not meet the needs of a still under-banked population: the density of branch networks is insufficient, the electronic payment infrastructures do not cover the entire territory and basic operations have a excessive cost.


Methodology in project management

Several methods exist and refer either to standards or to intra-company practices. Each method has limits and advantages, of course, the best method is the one that responds to the problem, “how to succeed in my project in a minimum of time and at the lowest cost?” “.

This delicate mission of a company director, who in the process decentralizes him from his profession, has no solution but to resort to specialists in the field. This refocusing on its core business by avoiding looking for bad compromises can only delay or even abandon a project. There is certainly an advantage in doing things yourself, but at the expense of what other essential project which is to ensure the survival of the company.


Recourse in cases of sexual harassment

What is your recourse when you are harassed in your workplace. Legislation has certainly evolved but remains a physiological and survival brake which means that the opposite sex always feels threatened by job loss, reprisals, connivance, …

The best way is to set up, depending on the size of the company, hotlines intended to collect testimonies from people and thereby build up a file on all predatory people who make the workplace a privileged place to satisfy their desires. . The information should be passed on to the authorities in order to carry out targeted investigations intended to confirm the complaints. What should be noted that a stalker always ends up reoffending.


Coaching in business

Developing a rewarding coaching spirit is one of the best ways to transfer technology and improve performance and productivity within the company. For companies and large structures that have adopted this mode of management and transfer of knowledge, the gains are substantial. The best way to get started is to orient coaching towards key professions and functions with a strong conotation in terms of knowledge and know-how.