Eurofive Conseil offers high added value services to support you in the control and development of the information system, in particular

Assistance to project management (AMO)

  • Precise identification of needs
  • Control of projects in terms of cost, deadlines, results obtained
  • Management and optimization of user availability, MOA, business management
  • Maintaining a sufficient level of team involvement
  • Verification of the conformity of the result with the needs of the users
  • Accompany for change with teams
  • Prepare the choice of providers
  • Checks and pays for services
  • Checks the successful completion of the work
  • Post-startup assistance
  • Review of processes and procedures
  • Upgrading of business line organizational structures

Assistance with project management

  • Management of your IS projects
Assistance in the selection of an application solution
Assistance in the critical phases of your integration projects, namely business framing, functional specifications, configuration, acceptance, training

Strategy for the evolution and urbanization of Information Systems

Audit of Information Systems

Audit services are based on five main areas, broken down into sub areas have been identified:

  • Audit of the IT function and dedicated staff
  • IS strategic alignment
  • Audit of the application and technical fleet
  • IT projects review
  • IT security management

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