• Highly experiencedThe ability of companies to understand their risks and take the necessary measures to reduce them is essential. EUROFIVE Conseil has developed a risk management and regulatory advisory offer to increase the efficiency and security of Emphires employees organizations and processes.
  • Goals
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Set up the necessary devices
  • Manage risks
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Regulatory diagnosis
  • Ensure regulatory watch
  • Perform gap analyzes
  • Set up control repositories
  • Diagnose risk assessment models
  • Set up the necessary devices
  • Suggest subcontracting of internal audit assignments
  • Set up methodologies
  • Write procedures in accordance with regulations
  • Define the organization of risk management, ethics and internal audit functions
  • Design and run training days
  • Manage risks
  • Take into account Basel II requirements
  • Define policies, methods and tools
  • Manage specific risks (anti-money laundering)
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