Our comprehensive educational approach comes in 4 phases


  • Understand as best as possible the context of each training course and the issues of each target population
  • Define the educational objectives and propose the educational methods most suited to the objectives sought for each training course


  • Design the pedagogical sequences (simulation, role plays, practical cases, exercises)
  • Implement an iterative design process between you (teaching team and operational managers) and us (project team)


  • Organization of the pilot training workshop and delivery of materials
  • Preparation of the animation (training room)
  • Animation and synthesis of evaluations


  • Materials for each participant
  • Assessment sheets and summary

The conditions

  • Convening of participants and facilitators
  • Preparation of training rooms and educational assessment


  • “Live” evaluations of the training sessions attended by the participants. These evaluations are intended to measure the degree of participant satisfaction both qualitatively and quantc
  • An educational report will be drawn up by training theme

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