Google’s ambitions

Google’s ambitions: You’ll soon be able to « Google » anything without having to type. Google announced an artificial intelligence assistant that can have conversations and glasses that immediately translate any major language spoken out loud. It’s all part of Google’s effort to build a « ambient computing » network, in which devices fade into the background and artificial intelligence takes over.

Talk to the LaMDA

To beta test its new language model LaMDA 2, Google released an app called artificial intelligence Test Kitchen. The users will have 3 options for interacting with the technology. They can name any real or imagined location and the artificial intelligence will describe it in one mode dubbed « Imagine It. » Users can name a prompt or task, and the AI will react with pertinent information or bulleted lists using « Talk About It » and « List It. » Many of Google’s phones and wearables will use the chat technology, but only once it has been thoroughly tested to eliminate any biases. Within the next several months, the AI Test Kitchen will be available to researchers and policymakers.

Speak my language: Google’s ambitions

Google also teased smart glasses with real-time language translation. During the demonstration, translated subtitles appeared on the glasses as another person spoke. The technology is still in its early phases, and no release date has been set, but it’s an indication that Google sees language technology as an important part of their Augmented reality strategy.

Google Search will eventually abandon the use of typed words in favor of images and screenshots. Smart assistant users will only need to face the gadget to turn it on. This is all part of Google’s ambition to create a network of ambient devices.

Google also introduced its first smartwatch, the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7 phones and teased a new Android tablet during its event KEYNOTE.