Affiliate marketing entails accepting a fee (usually a percentage) in exchange for forwarding consumers to a third party. There are a huge number of these programs out there, and there is a simple way to make money for your emails if you add similar items or services to your list of subscribers.

A content that lends itself well to this is the product review, in which you can include a purchase link with your affiliate reference to one of the many marketplaces that provide this service, ranging from giants like Amazon and Rakuten to smaller, more specialized retailers.

If you have a good database to send to, and with high interaction with your campaigns by your subscribers, you can offer advertising space (banners and other creatives) to advertisers that enable you to profit from email marketing.

Knowing your subscribers well enough, you’ll be able to give them the option of doing segmented and effective ads as long as the goods or services they provide are relevant to the “niche” you’re trying to reach through your mailings.

You can make money by selling high-ticket partner products to your list. You also have a variety of earning options:

– High-priced products — just a handful

– Earn annual fees by promoting subscription partner goods.

Automatic up-sells and a built-in sales team — current customers are offered more goods in a range.

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